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Construction Security and Monitoring Service

American Protection Security is a leading private security company, providing reliable construction security services to keep job sites secure from the threat of theft or vandalism. There is no better way to reduce your risk than by employing our highly trained security team to keep employees, visitors, and assets safe and protected.

Security guard companies offer priceless protection for construction sites. A job site usually contains a wide range of expensive tools and equipment, including specialized equipment, construction trailers, and more. It's simply not practical to move these items at the end of every day-- and leaving them vulnerable overnight is an invitation for thieves.

The threat of vandalism and deliberate damage is just as real as that of theft. From graffiti, busted windows, and even arson, an unmonitored construction site can be damaged in a variety of ways. Not only does this hinder the construction process, but it can result in significant financial losses.

Our construction security site officers patrol the premises at any time of the day or night. Whether you need a routine drive-by patrol or a constant presence on your site, our security professionals are hyper-vigilant and keep individuals and property safe. We additionally offer access control security services/gate services to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the site.

Need a flagger on-site throughout the day to regulate traffic? We can do that, too. Regardless of what kind of security you need at your construction site, our professionals are ready to provide it. Our objective is the safety and security of your site and everyone and everything on it.

American Protection Security specializes in safeguarding construction sites, providing valuable security for employees and visitors, and also minimizing liabilities for the company. Learn more about our services by contacting us today at 213-376-8935.

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